Samsung Repair in Chattanoga & Hixson

Powerful, ultra vibrant screens make your web browsing and social media experience larger than life. You enjoy apps, movies, emails and, of course, making calls from your smartphone, which is why you've made Samsung Android your choice of smartphone. But nothing can throw you off like a problem with your main source of communication. If you’re dealing with a cracked screen, battery issue or an unknown, yet frustrating, problem, come in to Cell Surgeon for quick, reliable and quality service for your Samsung gadget. We can save your Samsung's life!

We can provide you with repairs to your Samsung device for any of the following issues:
  • Camera Replacement & Repair
  • Memory Card Reader Replacement & Repair
  • Speaker Replacement & Repair
  • Power Button Issues
  • Cracked Glass Replacement & Repair
  • Water Damaged Phone Repair

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