iPad Repair in Chattanooga & Hixson, TN

Did you shatter your iPad screen? Drop it in water? Will the battery just not hold a charge anymore? When your iPad is not functioning correctly, you just aren't as connected as you want to be. We get it! And the professional technicians of Cell Surgeon can fix your device the very same day you drop it off, even while you wait, and have you back in business in no time.

We realize a cracked screen can be more than just a nuisance. It's like a barrier between you and your professional and social networks. That is why at Cell Surgeon, we specialize in screen repair. Our specialists are trained in glass repair, in addition to other common iPad problems, such as battery issues, home button malfunctions, audio problems, and yes we can fix water damage.

At Cell Surgeon, our technicians will not just replace parts. As experts in the repair of small electronics, they have deep expertise and the technical know-how to extensively troubleshoot your iPad to find the specific issue and make the necessary repairs to guarantee it is back in top working order.

And, with most parts always in stock, the work can be done incredibly fast. Most often we can fix your iPad the same day you bring it in. Can't make it in to our store? You can mail it to us! We offer a warranty on parts and service, along with a trade-in option or cash offer if we can’t repair your iPad, you literally have nothing to lose.

We can provide you with iPad repair service for any of the following issues:

• Broken/Cracked Screen Repair
• Battery Replacement
• Home Button Repair
• Power Button Repair
• Full LCD/Touch Screen Replacement
• Charge Port/Ringer Replacement
• Liquid Damage Recovery
• Full LCD/Touch Screen Replacement

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